Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle: An Exciting First Chapter

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

About the brand:

Founded in 2017 by Christopher Khoury, independent label Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle is a start-up brand with a unique focus on bringing together the worlds of style and affordability.

Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle represents an independent style of thought, not only about timepieces but how our everyday can be changed by aesthetics. Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle seeks to be different in a world where stylistic choices often blend into a blur of similarity.

The Classics Range - The First Chapter:

“The brand has been a culmination of months of product testing and unique design choices to release its first unconventional time piece, based on two design principals: dual arms and minimalism. Since the advent and influx of smart watches, there has been a paradigm shift in the way we think of the classic wrist watch. We’ve moved from not only reading the time, but using it as a statement piece to pull together an outfit”, says Christopher Khoury, the brand's founder. “Our Classics Range is a distinct manifestation of this evolution”

Reading the display:

In conventional watches, where the larger hand indicates the minute, the smaller hand the hour and the thinner, middle arm indicating the seconds passed, Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle’s Classics Range is read by understanding the dual coloured arms. Here the silver arm is representative of the minute while the red represents the hour.

“Our Classics range creates a different relationship with the flow of time,” says Christopher. “In a sense, the minimalist approach and difference in design gives these timepieces central priority on the wearer's wrist”.

Technical specifications:

The watches are designed in Sydney and manufactured in China, with final inspections happening in both the production facility and Australian office.

 Genuine leather watch band

 42mm watch face

 Splash Resistant (3ATM - unit of water pressure)

 Unique 2 arm design


 Metal band clasp with embossing

Media enquiries: Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle - hi@oscarandoliver.com.au

About the founder:

Christopher Khoury is a young entrepreneur who has worked in the digital/social space since establishing his own agency at age 18 while maintaining his degree in Media. From there, Christopher worked as part of small start-ups in health and tech, as part of established agencies working on clients like Hungry Jack’s with award winning creative directors and moving recently to Australia’s largest hospitality group as head of digital.

Inspired by his own love for timepieces and fashion, Christopher found it harder to find something unique to wear everyday not only as a staple, but could be worn more formally and suited up or on a more casual basis, which is where the initial idea for the creation of the brand originated. Since then it has grown from an idea to a fully formed business and continues to grow. With more to come, Christopher aims to take the brand from it’s humble beginnings and transform it into a household name, providing more lifestyle and fashion based products as it matures.

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