Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle To No Longer Process Fraudulent Orders

Sunday, 15 January 2023

Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle will officially no longer be processing or honouring orders detected as fraudulent.

In a statement made on the official Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle TikTok account, founder Chris Khoury has announced plans that the brand will no longer be processing or honouring orders placed that have been marked as fraudulent by Shopify’s detection system.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we've seen an increase in fraudulent credit card activity across the site and thanks to success and continual development of Shopify’s team, we’re now at the point where honouring  success from our online store and now it's time to take it to the people to really engage with a tangible product. We want to make the virtual a realiy” says Christopher Khoury, founder of Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle. "We aren't of the mind set that, new brands don't struggle in finding their feet whether on or offline, but being in front of our (potential) consumers gives us a chance to talk about the brand and allow for actual engagement".


About the brand:

Founded in 2017 by Christopher Khoury, independent label Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle is a start-up brand with a unique focus on bringing together the worlds of style and affordability.

Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle represents an independent style of thought, not only about timepieces but how our everyday can be changed by aesthetics. Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle seeks to be different in a world where stylistic choices often blend into a blur of similarity.

Media enquiries: Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle - hi@oscarandoliver.com.au

About the founder:

Christopher Khoury is a young entrepreneur who has worked in the digital/social space since establishing his own agency at age 18 while maintaining his degree in Media. 

Inspired by his own love for timepieces and fashion, Christopher found it harder to find something unique to wear everyday not only as a staple, but could be worn more formally and suited up or on a more casual basis, which is where the initial idea for the creation of the brand originated. Since then it has grown from an idea to a fully formed business and continues to grow. With more to come, Christopher aims to take the brand from it’s humble beginnings and transform it into a household name, providing more lifestyle and fashion based products as it matures.

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