5 Steps to New Moon Manifesting with Oscar and Oliver

5 Steps to New Moon Manifesting with Oscar and Oliver

It's 2021, by now you've heard about your star sign and what that means for the coming year. There's a chance someone's mentioned moon cycles, creating vision boards and the law of attraction, etc etc. You also, more than likely, don't know how to put the law of attraction into practice or how to manifest (let alone new moon manifesting) - don't worry, we've go you covered with our guide to manifesting on the new moon.

First off, let's cover why do you manifest on during a new moon? The New Moon is all about new beginnings and asking for what you want. Simple, right. 

The law of attraction on the other hand is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. 

When you combine these two together, your thoughts/wants/desires, translated into physically writing and reading them out, combined with the cycle/phases of the moon can produce some powerful manifesting abilities.

Time for us to talk less and for you to read the 5 Steps to New Moon Manifesting!

Step 1 - Time

Find out when then new moon is coming up & what time it’s set to reach its peak (it changes up every month for the month ahead i.e. from new moon to full moon and back again) - we use ‘moon phase’ from the App Store. The next new moon is happening January 13th at 4:01pm (AEST)

💡 PRO TIP: When you’re manifesting, you need to do it at the precise time of the new moon, so, set an alarm/reminder in your phone 2-5 minutes before the actual time of the new moons peak. 

Step 2 - Write

Write out what you want to manifest. The trick here is to write each of your manifestations 3 times and phrase it so it’s as if you WILL receive it in the upcoming month (yo, the universe is really finicky when you’re making your requests, so try to be as precise as possible - we don’t make the rules).

The formula for writing is I WILL HAVE/FIND/BE/SEE etc (what you’re manifesting) IN (month)(year) e.g.  I WILL FIND LOVE IN FEBRUARY 2021

💡 PRO TIP: Try not to confuse your manifestations e.g. don’t ask for a new job but also ask for a promotion in your current job. 

Step 3 - Slice

Once you’ve written out your manifestations, slice them up in groups of 3 so you have one piece of paper with 3 lines of the same manifestation for each.

💡 PRO TIP: Try not to get too greedy and ask for too much, limit yourself to 8.

Step 4 - Board Up

Add your manifestations to your vision board. If you don’t have a physical board, it’s all good, you can create a drawn/makeshift one in a book, you can make a vision board and have it as your phones Lock Screen. Just something to remind you of what you’ve put out into the universe to provide you with. 

Step 5 - Manifest

On the day and Time of the new moon, it’s best to be outdoors because you’re going to be burning your slips of paper. Start with your first slip, read each line out loud and burn it. Make sure that you’ve burnt it all the down so there’s nothing left of the slip before moving on to your next. 

💡 PRO TIP: If you can’t get outdoors or it’s raining, try doing it near a window so the smoke doesn’t set off any fire alarms

Now let the universe do its thing. Happy manifesting

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