Look fam, we get it, being stuck in lockdown/isolation/social distancing is getting to be a real snooze fest (both literally and metaphorically)!

Between the constant updates from the government (which are great to know, but yenno, start sounding the same after the 450th one you've heard that day) and your friends thinking that they're suddenly all influencers and going live on Instagram and Facebook (we get it, you're stuck inside like the rest of us, stick to sending memes), social distancing is starting to lose its appeal ever so slightly. 

Here at Oscar and Oliver HQ, we've taken the liberty (naturally) of putting together a few little handy pointers for everyone, to hopefully stop you from going absolutely insane while you're cooped up in your house pretending to work, so, without further rambling, here's 6 THINGS TO DO DURING COV19 LOCKDOWN


Here's the thing, we have been spending FAR too much time watching ALL of the streaming platforms imaginable. So here's a pretty comprehensive list of what we're loving across Netflix, Stan, YouTube (and Premium), Amazon Prime, AppleTV+ & Disney+ (in no particular order)


  1. Elite (It's in Spanish so switch the English dubbing on)
  2. Tiger King
  3. Lucifer
  4. The Circle (it's basically the life you're living right now)
  5. Sex Education (have you seen our instagram lately)


  1. The Bold Type
  2. All American
  3. Buffy (duh, the apocalypse) 
  4. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist 
  5. Will & Grace (ALL. Of. The. Seasons.)

YouTube (and Premium)

  1. The Secret & Beautiful World of Jeffree Star (Regular YouTube)
  2. Escape The Night (Premium)
  3. Kids/Teens/Adults/Elders React (Regular YouTube)
  4. The Try Guys (Regular YouTube)
  5. Groom (It's in French, so put the subtitles on) (Premium)

Amazon Prime

  1. Hot in Cleveland
  2. Guava Island
  3. Good Omens
  4. Parks and Recreation
  5. Carnival Now


  1. Morning Wars
  2. Mythic Quest
  3. Little America
  4. Visible: Out on Television
  5. See


  1. Kim Possible
  2. Freaky Friday
  3. Sister Act
  4. That's So Raven
  5. Even Stevens


If we were to impart any wisdom that Mum (or mom, depending on where in the world you're reading this) taught us, it was always going to be clean the house like someone was coming over...and no one ever did because we lived in the middle of bum-f*** nowhere (according to anyone that came over...we lived in SUBURBIA, literally 15 minutes from everyone). The other side to this is WASH YOUR HANDS!

Wash Your Hands


We understand, there's been MAJOR job losses across the country and the world, however, supporting local (and online) brands is just as essential as popping down to your local Woolies, ALDI, Coles, Kauflan, Costco, Trader Joes, Tesco's (you get it, we know a lot about world supermarkets, #cultured) so, flick us a sale...or DM us, you might get a discount if you're nice!

keep shopping oscar and oliver


THIS IS FOR THE SINGLE PRINGLES IN LOCKDOWN (and look, if you're swiping while you're in a relationship, you do you boo) that need a little more attention than they'd usually require to function, but tinder matches are HIGHER than usual, so you may as well jump on any one of the 50 dating apps out there and start a really deep and meaningful conversation with someone you're likely to ghost in the near future...or date, we're sure you'll want to be out of your house as much as possible after this WHOLE THING IS OVER...this just in too: you can be fined for getting a flying D or V while on lock down, so, make sure no one's looking if you're really in need of that good good (also, please JUST STAY IN YOUR F***** HOUSE)  



We know, all the gyms are shut and you're probably wondering when the next weight you're going to get to lift is, or when you're going to be able to look at another hot sweaty individual and show off how much you can <insert action here> to impress them (spoiler alert, they're looking passed you and at the mirror checking themselves out). The reality of it is, none of us know when they're opening again, so in the meantime, do your own AT HOME WORKOUTS. If you were lucky enough to get weights before everyone panic bought them, great, if not, use your body weight!


PFFT, you can't think we were serious about that, you should know full well that we're here to help distract you from that (hello? are you there? DID YOU MAKE IT THIS FAR?) honestly here's few extras to help you procrastinate:

  • Play video games (we're still playing Spyro and Crash Bandicoot)
  • Scroll through IG for the 75th time
  • Scroll through twitter
  • FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (@oscarandoliverofficial)
  • Fall down a TikTok rabbit-hole
  • Read texts from your ex's and realise that you made a GERAT decision to dump their irrelevantness
  • Do a little more shopping
  • Try a Bob Ross tutorial (we haven't, but you can)
  • Tap your phone to reveal the time since it hasn't changed in the last 3 seconds that you tapped it
  • Realise you should probably work...then see that it's 5 o'clock, so you pour a drink and eat another snack.
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