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Traditional Watch vs. Smartwatch

Want to know why you should buy a traditional watch vs. a smartwatch?

Oscar and Oliver Lifestyle founder, Chris, gives us a quick look at the benefits of buying the Traditional Watch (peep our Classic White Watch) over a Smartwatch in our latest TikTok video


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The answer’s a pretty easy one (if you’re asking us 😜), but Chris uses both.

It comes down to form over function in this case. The Oscar and Oliver Classic White Watch (and the Classic Black Watch) are all about the form, they’re minimalist, have a long lasting battery and they’re a conversation starter (have you seen the dual cross over arms on it? We can promise you, there’s no other watch out there like it.) 

The smartwatch on the other hand has become a staple to those wanting to remain more connected in every which way, which is both a great and terrible problem to have.

The smart watch is great if you’re looking to track a workout, check your heart rate or check your wrist every minute as a new notification pops up (which is probably not the most ideal when you’re trying to remain engaged in a conversation with someone or when you’re in a meeting). Great for function, less ideal for the form factor. 

Smartwatches generally don't compare when it comes to style. Smartwatches are bulky because they have to accommodate the tech. You can change the wristband or customise your display screen, but a traditional watch has in-depth detail.

Overall, like any great traditional watch over the centuries, the main goal is to tell the time (and on some level, look great while it does it, there’s a watch for every outfit too), the smart watch on the other hand is a connected device, it’s actual job is to take the strain away from looking at your phone as often as you do (the reality of it is, you’re tethering your watch to your device and you lose some of the functionality of your phone…like following the Oscar and Oliver TikTok account or shopping on our site 😜) but the problem with styling a smartwatch? It’s just THAT MUCH harder to make happen. 

When it comes to the traditional watch vs. the smartwatch, neither is going to really beat out the other or leave a gaping hole. Both have a place to exist in your watch collection, and there’s nothing to say you can’t wear both (maybe not at the same time) or switch between the two depending on what you’re doing.

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